A creative blog that orbits around consciousness, queer ideas, philosophy, mythology and fantasies of a very turbulent inner world.

I find myself in need of expressing my inner dialogues, ideas and situations. Using this site as a combination of a diary and a portfolio, I aim to find some clarity within myself. I hope that while you read these short stories and thoughts that I have, that it resonates with you on some level and gives you comfort.

The Tomb of Tar

I am backed to a cornerI am forwarded into a painI am surrounded by darknessI don’t want to play games You are the dictator, the agitatorYou are the suffocator and invaderYou are the equilibriumPerferater inside my brain I am suffocating in this roomEntrenched by darkness and fearI am screaming in a tombAt my panic you… Continue reading The Tomb of Tar

Queen of the Outcasts

Queen of the Outcasts Alone and not afraid She lives out her days In a perpetual gaze Queen of the Outcasts Explicit fantasies at the tip of a blade Murdering the boring and mundane Her green eyes a glittering jade Queen of the Outcasts Her hissing locks in dismay As the prowling dragon serenades She… Continue reading Queen of the Outcasts


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